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Staff Expectations


Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School Staff Expectations
A Martin Luther King Jr. staff member is a staff member who…


  • Genuinely loves children and wants the best for all students.
  • Hold high articulated rigorous expectations for all students.
  • Has a high expectation for self.
  • Exemplifies the best teaching practices, the best learning environment, and the best leadership.
  • Models professionalism in his/her punctuality, dress, classroom preparedness and environment, and integrity and ethical behavior.
  • Takes ownership for hiss her students.
  • Maintains an appropriate positive attitude.
  • Is self-reflective.
  • Strives for personal growth and for growth of all students.
  • Culturally aware and responsive.
  • Collaborates and shares his/her experiences, knowledge and materials with others.
  • Always strives to arrive to work on time.
  • Provides students with experiential links t connect school-based academics to real life.
  • Promotes a college going culture and expects all students to attain a high level of education.
  • Professionally dressed.
  • Believes in the Team concept where all stakeholders are major players who work together for the common good of the entire learning community.