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Instructional Technology Facilitator

Instructional Technology Facilitator

About Me:
I am an Instructional Technology Facilitator, a very technical way of saying that I am an edtech coach. My job is to support both students and teachers through blending technology into their lessons. My focus this year will be on the ISTE Standard for Students: EMPOWERED LEARNER. I am super excited to join the MLKing Elementary family.

Fun Facts About Me:

  •  I was a radio DJ in college
  • I have visited nine other countries outside of the US
  • I grew up in Las Vegas
  • I love to dance and sing, although I don't do either well
  • My favorite thing to do is read, really.

My Goals for the Year:

1. Make the Innovation Lab an exciting place for learning!
2. Empower our students through edtech integration.
3. Have a school year filled with JOY!